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Funding for therapy and counselling for individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual misconduct
The CDSA provides funding for therapy and counseling to patients that allege sexual misconduct or sexual abuse by a dentist.

You can apply for funding by filling out the request form and submitting it to the CDSA.

  • Who is eligible?

    A patient who has a complaint alleging sexual misconduct or sexual abuse took place is eligible.

    The term “patient” has a very specific meaning in the context of these complaints.

    A patient is eligible if:
    •  they have filed a complaint that relates to sexual misconduct or sexual abuse by a registered dentist; or
    •  they meet the requirements set out in the HPA and the Regulation.

    A patient’s eligibility for funding does not mean the dentist is automatically guilty of unprofessional conduct.

    Please review the Funding for Treatment and Counselling Regulation for specific details.

  • What kind of support is available to me?

    We understand that discussing details and answering questions about sexual abuse or sexual misconduct can be very difficult. That is why we offer a special support program provided by a regulated health professional or an unregulated member of The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta with expertise in these matters. Please contact the Professional Conduct Department of the CDSA (780 432 1012) who can explain the details.

    Click here for a list of organizations that provide support services or have information about local community services.

  • Is there funding for therapy or counselling?

    Yes. If you are a patient and file a complaint alleging you have experienced sexual misconduct or have been sexually abused by a dentist, there is funding available for therapy or counselling.

  • Can I choose the therapist or counsellor?

    If you are eligible for funding you may choose a regulated or unregulated member of The Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta, provided certain conditions are met such as  the person:

    • is not a family member of the complainant or their spouse; and
    • if they are regulated, is in good standing with the regulatory college they are registered with that includes not having been found to have committed unprofessional conduct of a sexual nature or civilly or criminally liable for a similar act.

    You must complete the CDSA forms to ensure eligibility.

  • What about confidentiality?

    If you decide to complain, you do have to give us your name. As part of our complaints process, we send the dentist a copy of your complaint, which may include your name, for a response. You receive a copy of the dentist’s response too.

    If the process continues to a hearing your name will not be included on the Upcoming Discipline Hearings. In addition, if you request, the CDSA may seek a publication ban to protect your identity at this public hearing stage of the process.

  • Who is eligible for funding?

    If it is alleged in a complaint that a patient experienced sexual misconduct or sexual abuse by a dentist, the patient would be eligible for funding. Patients should submit an application as early as possible to receive full benefit of the funding.

  • How much funding is available?

    If you are eligible, the current maximum amount available is $22,500 for a period of five years. Once the patient’s eligibility is determined and the application processed, the CDSA will communicate on a regular basis with the patient to let them know how much funding they have remaining.

    Funding is for the patient to access counselling as a result of their experience with a dentist. Funding is not available for any other person or reason.

  • Is there a time limit to apply?

    There is plenty of time to apply.

    The funding is not available forever. Please contact the Professional Conduct Department at the CDSA for more information. To receive the full benefit of the funding, a patient should submit their application as early as possible.

    Professional Conduct Department Phone: 780 432 1012 (please ask for the Professional Conduct Department)

  • What if the complaint is dismissed?

    Funding ceases if a complaint has been dismissed by the Complaints Director, Complaint Review Committee or Hearing Tribunal. The patient will be notified that their funding has stopped.

    Funding will continue if the matter is referred to a hearing or there is a review by the Complaint Review Committee.

  • How do I apply?

    Once the complaint has been filed, patients can submit their request form to apply for funding. For further assistance, patients can contact the CDSA by calling 780-432-1012 and asking to speak with the Professional Conduct Department.