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Dentistry is a regulated profession in Canada. Each provincial dental regulatory authority is responsible for establishing the registration requirements in their province. The National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) is the organization responsible for establishing and maintaining a national standard of competence of dentists in Canada.

The NDEB Equivalency Process includes three examinations. Successful completion of the examinations allows individuals to move on to the next step, the NDEB Certification Process.

The NDEB website details the steps to follow in applying to the NDEB Equivalency Process.

Accredited Qualifying and Degree Completion Programs are offered by select Faculties of Dentistry in Canada. These programs are designed to familiarize international graduates to dentistry and dental practice in Canada. Upon successful completion of a Qualifying or Degree Completion Program, individuals are eligible to participate in the NDEB Certification Process.

If you are a graduate of an accredited dental program, have successfully completed a Qualifying or Dental Completion Program, or have completed the NDEB Equivalency Process, you are eligible to apply to the Certification Process.

The NDEB website is a valuable resource for applicants to find Examination Dates and Locations, How to Apply, How to Prepare, and Frequently Asked Questions.

NDEB Frequently Asked Questions