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The Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam is password protected

The password for the exam will be issued the day of the scheduled exam

To register with the CDSA, an applicant must successfully pass the CDSA Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam. To obtain upcoming exam dates and/or register for an upcoming exam please email directly.

There are six documents all applicants are required to study in preparation for the exam. Applicants will want to ensure that they allow themselves sufficient study time to prepare for the exam. The exam is not multiple choice, nor open book, and is graded according to answers provided.

Each applicant will be given 1 ½ hours to write the exam, and successful completion of the exam is 75% or higher. The exam is proctored online over Zoom teleconference by the Registrations Department.

The Ethics and Jurisprudence exam is based on the following six documents: