President’s Message — Code of Ethics

  A chat with Dr. Troy Basarab, current CDSA President, about the recent changes to the CDSA Code of Ethics and the new Advertising Statement. Relevant Links CDSA Code of Ethics CDSA Advertising Statement Bylaws, Legislation, & Standards of Practice   

Respiratory Protection Plan

  A video detailing the requirement for all members to have a Respiratory Protection Plan (RPP) in place. Respiratory Protection Plan Important Links Standard of Practice: Infection Prevention and Control and Risk Management for Dentistry Alberta OHS – Respiratory Protective Equipment: An Employers Guide Alberta OHS – Respiratory Protective Equipment Code of Practice

Safety Engineered Syringes

  A video outlining the responsibilities of all regulated members as it pertains to Safety Engineered Syringes (SES). Safety Engineered Syringes Important Links OHS Acceptance Regarding Recapping Needles Guide for Bloodborne Pathogen-Needlestick Protocol Policy Protocol  – Syringes & Safety Engineered Syringes (SES) Word doc template